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My father Robert (Bob) Cunningham spoke of 317 Sir Grahame Moore Is. He served with and remained friends with Jim Scott, Ron Mealy. I also met Kev Harrington who also served with him. Dad died in 1978 and now I know the others are also gone.

(posted by Jeff Cunningham on 29 July 2018)

(posted by Pharme413 on 24 April 2018)
This ANZAC day, I pay tribute to Clifford Leavy from 344 Radar, West Monte Livet. I am proud to say, my grandfather served his country on 'Monte'. We remember you...

(posted by Mary Harlow on 23 April 2018)

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Yeah bookmaking this wasn't a risky conclusion outstanding post! afbbbdakddae

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If you would like to discuss any of the information on this website please send us a message via the Contact link

(posted by Kath Cooney on 15 February 2018)
Hello, hey friends juts wanted to how was your day? and need to know can i discuss about other topics here? the site seem's great so just need some help and guidance. Thanks.

(posted by jamesolive on 6 February 2018)
Thank you so much for sharing this fascinating historical information about our wartime radar stations. 70 years later we are still grateful to you for your contribution.

(posted by Dave on 7 September 2016)
Thanks for everything that you have posetd on the site!This stuff takes me back to some really long weekends spending hours in line at the Coconut Teazer, then going to the Palomino club after for dancing until Sunday afternoon!!! I believe the clubs were No Doz and Sketch Pad, but the mind forgets things like that sometimes!Good times .

(posted by Odila on 25 December 2015)
Very nice site!

(posted by Pharmk439 on 6 May 2015)
Very nice site!

(posted by Pharmf967 on 5 May 2015)
Very nice site!

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Very nice site!

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Very nice site!

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Very nice site!

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Very nice site!

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Wynn documented revenue before last number of quartersit could possibly preserve stagnating, or maybe counterpicking. cdeegceecefdddaa

(posted by Smithe384 on 28 April 2015)
I was after copies of photos from 46 Radar Cape Don especially any showing the local aboriginals as shown in Morrie Fentons book, this is for my masters research project on the site

(posted by Lyndon on 15 February 2013)
Hello, I have some british p37 gear war time and early post war, small packs, basic poehucs, canteens. Also some post war uniform items such as pants and jacket along with some tam o shanters, insignia, etc. I can send an itemized list if you want. Before I did wanted to see if you were interested.

(posted by Aank on 29 September 2012)
Hey Luke, I have some German WW2 repro stuff I am wanting to get rid of. Might be inreetsted in some Doughboy stuff. I have two pairs of German trouses one HBT m40s and the other pair are wools m42sI also have an ATF etool carrier, repro bayonet with frog, IMA gas can and an ATF gas cape bag. Thanks.Jordan

(posted by Joelma on 29 September 2012)
I discovered your site and your panrks last night while surfing bordily at night. You clips cracked me up. I joined your members and FB. This stuff reminds me a lot like Phil Henderie Show. He fucks with callers calling in and the listeners on the radio or online stream crack up. The butt of the jokes are on the morons that think it's real. I love your work brothers! Keep it coming.

(posted by Putra on 28 September 2012)
Amazing! You guys are Above and beyond. I grew up lintenisg to the jerky boys tape and as a kid we made some calls of my own. now I bet the Jerky boys probably ripped you guys off. brad and friends you really took it to the next level with your variety and depth. nobody even comes close. You guys are so fucking hilarious. Ive spent a few weeks watching, lintenisg and reading everything Avail. Im surprised I never heard of you cactuses before recently. I love you guys Keep it up

(posted by Sule on 27 September 2012)
Hi!! First of all congratulations on your great site. When I first got mriared I discovered on my husbands cell phone bill a number which kept repeating itself with many minutes of call time. I got suspicious of his ex and called the number and a child answered I immediately asked for his moms name and surely enough it was her. She was making calls to my husband and he was calling her also. I got pretty mad and told her off as well as my husband I gave him an apportunity if he ended this. Well he did, but I can't seem to trust him now. Sometimes I check his bill and her number has never shown up again, but what if she changed it? and is still calling him? How can I eavesdrop on his cell phone conversations and find out?, please help me . I find some numbers on his cell bill but I can't keep on calling everyone. He is a sales person so he has many numbers that call him. I will appreciate very much your help.thank youkrystal

(posted by Italo on 27 September 2012)
Great site! All the very best from Canada.

(posted by Duncan Munro on 6 September 2012)
Hi i am 14 years old and i am from John Calvin School in Albany. and i was wondering if anyone here has any more info on the Radar stations (Note the plural) in Albany we have found 4 radar stations in albany.. 2 in the area of the airport, one and a power station and another on stony hill

(posted by Austin Plug on 7 December 2011)
Very Helpful!!!!! Such an easy site to use

(posted by PMBrown on 29 August 2011)
I completed 7 Radar Mechs air circa 1953. Posted 10 MR Sqrdn. Garbutt. Wonderful to find this great site. I wonder if somewhere someone has noted the passing of Sqdn. Ldr Bruce Gilson last year, 2010.or 09, a very sad event.

(posted by Laurie Edward. on 10 February 2011)

(posted by MICHAEL MORRISSEY on 21 June 2010)
Daughter of the late Cecil John Mathieson. Enjoy this site and the info it provides.

(posted by F. Jenkinson on 28 April 2010)
hello bailey boys,on behalf of my father ron leon oliver trainor,service no.67805. 'ping' cheers g trainor ps if i,m barking up the wrong antenna ,my sincerest apologies.

(posted by graham trainor on 5 March 2010)

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